Montgomery Area Junior-Senior High School introduced a positive school-wide behavior program in the 2008-2009 school year. PRIDE is an acronym for Peaceful, Respectful, Integrity, Diplomatic, and Engaged.

Peaceful: Form positive relationships with peers. Use formal language.

Respectful: Take care of self, others and the environment.

Integrity: Be honest, true to self and others. Take responsibility for actions and words.

Diplomatic: Be a team players. Support the best in all.

Engaged: Be an acticve and involved learner. Be there and be prepared.

Our PRIDE program is:

Research Based: PRIDE was adopted because school-wide positive behavior programs are proven to be successful at increasing student achievement. PRIDE creates a positive school climate while reducing behavioral issues.

Consistent, Fair, and Predictable: Students are taught acceptable school behaviors. All middle school teachers use the same positive approach to working with students. The program is consistent and fair to all students.

Uses Positive Reinforcement: Students are praised and recognized for engaging in appropriate behaviors.

How Does It Work?

  • Students are taught PRIDE expectations for classroom and non-classroom environments (hallway, bathroom, cafeteria, etc.).
  • Students earn PRIDE tickets from faculty and staff and submit them to weekly drawings.
  • Students from each grade level are randomly chosen on a weekly basis to receive awards donated by our local businesses.
  • Each marking period one group incentive activity is scheduled for students who demonstrate appropriate behavior.
  • Data is used to make decisions regarding behavior in our school.

If you have questions or concerns about the PRIDE program, please contact Mrs. Liscum at dliscum@montasd.org or (570) 547-1608 ext. 1115.

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