Denise Liscum, Jr/Sr High School Counselor

570-547-1608 Ext. 1128
570-547-6055 (Fax)

Welcome to the Junior-Senior High School School Counseling Site! We hope you find the information on our site helpful and encourage you to contact the 7th-12th grade Counselor, Mrs. Liscum, at anytime with questions about academic assistance, career development, or personal/social needs. Mrs. Bozella, our Student Services/K-12 Counselor, can be reached at

For Juniors and Seniors signing up for the SAT’s or ACT’s, please note that our High School Code is 392715.



  1. Provides age appropriate and developmentally responsive support in order to enhance the emotional, social, academic and career development of each of its students
  2. Work in collaboration with school staff, family and the community to maximize student potential

The goal of the counseling program is for each student to demonstrate academic proficiency, social competency, and the appropriate 21st century skills necessary to transition to post-secondary or work environments.



  1. Serve students, parents, administrators and teachers in supporting the mission of the school district
  2. Use data to make decisions regarding behavior and academic proficiency
  3. Offer programming, short term counseling sessions, and group sessions for students to meet social and emotional needs
  4. Implement programs for parents, educators and community members in an effort to provide developmental information useful in the mission of the school district
  5. Provide leadership, advocacy, as well as collaborative efforts
  6. Are agents of systemic change