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Accelerated Reader is a program where students take computer tests on books they have read to check for reading comprehension and vocabulary. Students can test in the classroom or library using classroom, library or books from home that have Accelerated Reader tests. Students in grades 2nd through 6th have a 40 minute AR special once a week in the library where they read and test. First grade starts AR halfway through the year and are taught the AR program in their 40 minute AR special in January. The library is also open on Wednesday nights from 5:30PM to 7:30PM for AR reading and testiing. AR has a website that you can use at home to see if books you have are AR or not, their reading level and point value. It searches like a library catalog. You can search by title, author or subject using the quick and easy method or advanced searching. It will give you a cover picture of the book, including it’s points and level. Testing can only be done at school, but this website allows you to find out what is AR and is updated daily by the company as new books are published and become AR!

We have 25 point reward clubs in 2nd through 5th grade. Students receive prizes monthly as they read and earn points.  Our 150 point club reward is an all day field trip hiking on the Appalachian Trail, which we learn about in library class.  Mrs. McCormick section hiked the trail from 2004 – 2012 . Since 2007 she has shared her love of the trail with students by taking them out on the trail.

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