To register a child in the Montgomery Area School District, please call 570-547-1608 to make an appointment.  For students in grades K-6, please call the elementary office at extension 1127, and for students in 7-12, please call the high school office at extension 1100.  It is very important that you register your child as soon as possible.  Your cooperation with this matter allows for a smooth transition to a new school and for the district to effectively plan for the needs of all students.

Immunization records and social security numbers are required for registration.  Two forms of proof of residency must also be provided at the time of registration.  Proof of birth is necessary for those who enroll for the first time in pre-k, kindergarten or first grade or for anyone registering from out of state.  Available academic information such as report cards from a previous school are helpful.  If your child has an IEP, please bring a copy with you when you register.

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