The school nurse is allowed to administer Acetaminophen (Tylenol) to students for reasons stated in the Health Room’s policy manual which can be viewed on health room website. This is done after parental permission is obtained via a signature on the emergency forms sent home at the beginning of each school year.

Some parents have had questions about the proper dose for their child. The following is taken off the medication information sheet and can be used as a GUIDE to help parents determine the number of tablets that is appropriate for their child.

The manufacture recommends “if possible use weight to dose, otherwise, use age”: 

For Children’s 80 mg tablets: 

2-3 24-35 2
4-5 36-47 3
6-8 48-59 4
9-10 60-71 5
11 72-95 6

For Junior Strength 160 mg Tablets: 

6-8 48-59 2
9-10 60-71 2.5
11 72-95 3
12 96 & over 4

For Adult Strength 325 mg tablets: 

Age 6-11 1 tablet

12 and older 2 tablets

Please see or call your family doctor or pharmacist if you have any further questions about dosages. Please remember that parental signature, a check for yes or no to the administration of the Tylenol and the number of tablets to administer needs to be filled out in order for the nurse to give your child Tylenol.

The times for administration will be as follows:

Pre-K 11:00-12:00 Elementary 10:40-1:40, MS/HS 9:40- 12:55