The Board of Directors for the Montgomery Area School Board consists of nine members. Three members are elected from each of the three areas in our district: 3 from the Borough of Montgomery, 3 from Clinton Township and 3 from the combined areas of Brady and Washington Townships. They meet regularly on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.with a Re-Organizational Meeting scheduled for the first Tuesday in December. Occasionally a special meeting of the Board will be scheduled and advertised in the Sun Gazette as mandated by State law.

The authority to establish, equip, furnish, operate and maintain the public schools of the Montgomery Area School District is vested in the Board of School Directors. The Board consists of nine members whose functions include the following:

Legislative: The Board shall exercise its rule making power by adopting procedures and policies for organization and operation of the school district.

Executive: The Board shall exercise its executive power by the appointment of a district superintendent who shall enforce the statutes of the Commonwealth, the rules of the state board of education and the policies of the Board of School Directors.

Review: The board may assume jurisdiction within this school district and concerning any matter over which the board has authority or where the board has retained jurisdiction in contract or policies.