SAT Testing Information

Go to College Board to register for the SAT (Note: Our High School Code is 392715). The video clip below provides an overview of how to get started.

If you receive free or reduced lunch, please contact Mrs. Liscum for a SAT fee waiver form.

As students from Montgomery Area High School give thought to life beyond high school, they often seek additional means of preparing themselves for taking assessments such as SAT, ACT, and ASFAB, that serve as a stepping stone to their future success.  The links below offers free preparation courses for these assessments:

College Board
An affiliate of the College Boards

Learn a Test
In conjunction with the Lycoming County Library System

March 2 Success
In conjunction with the ARMY
Details: Prepares students for all standardized tests.

Test Prep Best Practices:

  • Don’t take your first SAT test as “practice.” Very few students are happy with their results the first time and your score could show up on score reports for colleges.
  • Select dates that are right for you and block them off.
  • Registration for the SAT will close approximately one month prior to the test date. Late Registration is offered up to two weeks prior to the date, but there is a significant late fee.
  • Prepare. Plan to spend 2-3 months practicing with full length tests. Taking the time to practice will build mental endurance. Link you PSAT Scores to Khan Academy to get subject specific practice.
  • Consider signing up for June (end of Junior year) and October (beginning of Senior year) test dates.