The Sinks

The Sinks – Why all the Hype???


sinksI thought I would take a few minutes to bring everybody up to speed with all the hubbub about "The Sinks."  The sinks are a geographical anomaly that occurred over time by limestone being eroded away from under the ground just like a "sinkhole" or a cave like Penns Cave in Center Hall.  In the case of the sinks in Brady Township, land subsided due to large sinkholes forming in the bed of the creek that flows underneath the stone bridge.  At one time (long before I was born) this creek flowed through a hollow and eventually emptied out into Spring Creek out further toward Elimsport very near the Jarrett farm, AKA "Lost Brook Farm."  Few people know that all of the water that flows under the stone bridge at the Brady Township Community Center eventually disappears underground into a hole at the bottom of the 3rd and largest sink hole, right behind the Meadowbrook development.  Hence the name "Lost Brook" - no one knows where it goes - it is LOST.


Most of the time there are three small bodies of water in the wooded area between Elimsport Road and Ridge Road.  However, due to the 16 plus inches of rain in the Elimsport area since March 1st, the water table has risen. It has risen to the point that it will not allow the stream to flow out underground.  For about 2 weeks now as I have been driving to school, I could not help but notice that the stream that normally flows under the stone bridge hasn't been flowing at all.  It appears to be standing still.  Now the entire wooded area is underwater and it has slowly backed up onto the roadways that connect Elimsport to Montgomery.  This would not be an issue in most valleys like ours, you would just take another road out... However, there are several thousand acres that were taken by the federal government during the war effort of World War II.  Most of the land that was taken was later divvied up into what is now the Allenwood Federal Prison Reservation, the Pennsylvania Game Lands, the White Deer Golf Course and the Lycoming County Landfill - none of which has any public roads.



With the road closed at the stone bridge and no way around on the north side of White Deer Valley where our school district lies, people are forced to drive to Allenwood in order to get to Montgomery.  To make a long story short, if you live in the Maple Hill Development, your drive to school has gone from about 5 miles of normal commute to 18 adding 13 miles hardship travel to connect with the rest of the community.  There are no gas stations, restaurants, or grocery stores, barring a small Amish bulk foods store and an Amish harness/hardware shop.



In 1972, during the aftermath of hurricane Agnes, the sinks began to back up.  About one week after the rains stopped, the road was closed.  The 1972 flood occurred in June.  The Elimsport Road did not open again until after Labor day.  School was unaffected as it occurred during the summer months...  That was 39 years ago.  How long will the road be closed this time???  I guess we shall see.
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