Welcome to the Montgomery Area School District
Food Services Department managed by the Nutrition Group.
Dear Parents, Students and Faculty/Staff,

The Nutrition Group is a Pennsylvania corporation founded in June of 1975. Our central commissary-warehouse and corporate offices are located in West Newton, PA. We have a regional office in Danville, PA which will support your program. The Nutrition Group’s Family of Support Services designs a package to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We are able to offer a package of services including facility design, food service management, vending; facilities maintenance and comprehensive support services. If you would like more information about The Nutrition Group please visit our website at http://www.thenutritiongroup.biz/.

We have been contracted to manage the food service operations at the Montgomery Area School District. The Nutrition Group will strive to maintain open lines of communication with you, and appreciate your doing the same.  We offer monthly special events, which are intended to highlight the food service program and increase participation.

We understand the need to educate students as to healthy eating habits. Some of this will be done in the cafeterias. We are also willing to participate in the classroom, and offer to present or provide to you nutrition lesson plans. The goal of The Nutrition Group is customer satisfaction. We will constantly strive to provide services and products that we hope will meet and/or exceed your expectations.

The food service staff and I look forward to serving delicious, healthy and nutritious meals to faculty and students on a daily basis.  We look forward to a successful and productive partnership, my desire is that you all have a great school year.
Please contact me with any questions, needs or feedback.
Michele Hicklin
Deposit Money.  View your child's eating history.
IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION:  The Montgomery Area School District does participate in the National School Lunch Program for free and reduced priced meals.  However, the District does not participate/provide free or reduced price snacks for students.  If your student wishes to have a snack you would need to provide funds in the student's account to allow them to make that purchase.