Thaddeus Baker gave us an interview about owning his restaurant and here’s what he had to say:

“Owning my own business was not always a dream of mine. I always figured I would do something with sports. Maybe broadcasting or front office of a sports organization. The journey to now has been fun. There’s a lot of peaks and valleys; your good days and your bad days.

Every day we continue to improve and get better and that’s the journey-to always try to better yourself every single day. I don’t think it’s a regret as much as a lot of times, I wonder what would I be doing and where would I be doing it if I had not bought the restaurant. I will never find those answers.

My advice to future leaders is respect the chain of command, listen to your boss and do what they ask. Take initiative at your job, go the extra mile, do stuff that you know needs done without having to be told. Be sure to take pride in what you do, if it’s mopping a floor or closing a million dollar contract, take pride and do it right, a hundred percent, no shortcuts.

Another way you can farther yourself is by keeping up on how electronics can benefit you at your work. Technology is great, but only if used correctly. Don’t fall into the always on my phone category. Use it when needed and put it away.

Lastly, work ethic. Kids are not forced to learn much these days. If you must keep one lesson with you, then remember this: the real world is a hard place and there is no substitute for hard work.”


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